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Do you need a NCC (“Noleggio con Conducente”, or “Driver for Hire”) car in Verona to reach the main sites of the city or to reach another of Northern Italy’s beautiful to touristic attractions? If your answer is yes, you are on the right website. Consulting these webpages you will discover the advantages of our NCC services, available round the clock and for all those occasions in which you may require transportation.

The transport services you will find in this website are provided by professionals with years of experience on their back, who know the local road network perfectly and always bring their clients to their destinations on time. The rates proposed by us, then, are more competitively priced than ordinary taxis. The advantage is that the estimate we give you corresponds exactly to the amount you will pay at the end of the trip.

These are the characteristics of our services, still interested? If your answer is affirmative, we ask you to keep reading this webpage so you can discover the other advantages of trusting in our chauffeur car service!

Drivers for hire in Verona

Our company specializes in procuring hirable vehicles in Verona and its surrounding cities. Thanks to the many years of service we procure cars with drivers to our clients, offering competitively priced solutions for your mobility.

Our drivers’ experience and the comfortable vehicles of our company will make every journey better than in a taxi. Our vehicles will take you both in Verona and other touristic sites in Northern Italy.

Among the array of vehicles to choose from are an Ford Tourneo Custom and a Mercedes ML. These transports guarantee top security and comfort in every occasion, especially in long journeys.

Ford tourneo custom - ncc verona Ncc Verona - trasporto disabili


Auto Mercedes - taxi verona noleggio auto con conducente


Compared to our competitors, we give ad hoc services for specific events and organized tours. One of our missions is exactly this: to make ourselves completely available to the customer and to satisfy their every need!

Why is choosing a NCC car convenient in Verona?

Thanks to our NCC cars you can enjoy an efficient service without problems, interacting directly with the driver without intermediaries. This means that you will create a relationship of trust and you will never risk arriving late. In other words you will certainly reach every destination in time, because at the departure you will find our driver waiting for you.

Punctuality is a fundamental characteristic of our job. Your final destination, be it the airport, train station, or an important event, is our priority.

Another difference between us and a traditional taxi is that the NCC offers prices decided during the reservation of the vehicle. This differs from taxis, whose rate derives from the taximeter, which calculates the price of the journey based on the travelled distance and the time spent.

What do we offer that other companies do not?

By now you will probably have realized the advantages of reserving a NCC vehicle. But perhaps you are not so sure to the point that you are thinking to come back on Google and to keep searching. Is it true? If your answer is affirmative, we pray you to stay a few more minutes to know the reasons why a NCC car in Verona is better than other transports!

Lets explore the various means of transportation available in Verona. First lets take a look at shuttles from the Verona-Villafranca airport. While they are a useful service they come every 20 minutes and have very limited space for luggage. Moreover they only take the passengers to the Verona train station.

This happens with the busses as well which connect at the Verona train station. Transport to Garda Lake and other places in Veneto are not always available.

Our vehicles, however, are appreciated for their expansive reach: deciding to travel with a taxi you would spend a fortune! Thanks to us, instead, you can arrive everywhere with competitive, affordable rates.
When you make a reservation with us we will prepare for you a specific estimate for personalized daily tours.

A further service, which we offer to the client, is the transportation of old and disabled people for every circumstance, from a dinner outside to a medical examination, or even for your holidays. We can carry our clients on wheelchair wherever they want 24/7.

If for example you program a lunch outside with your relatives you could also travel with them because our vehicle can carry 6 people in addition to the disabled one and to the driver.

How does ncc work?

Enjoying our transports in Verona is easy and practical, because we are available at all times. The first step is to make a reservation for the day and the hour in which you will be in the city.

Reading the Contacts section of our website, you will know in detail how to contact us. We are available at every moment throughout the day and will confirm your reservation in a few moments.

Upon the prearranged date you will get a spacious vehicle to make your trip extremely comfortable.

Are you convinced by our services?

Now that we have listed all of the reasons to choose an NCC car, the only thing remaining is to get in touch with us and reserve one of our vehicles in Verona!



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