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The driver for hire service expands to sections outside the Verona historical centre. Our employees are able to retrieve you from your point of arrival and take you to any specific site of the city.

In these occasions the vehicles we own have the same advantages of a taxi: in fact we can drive in the limited traffic zones (ZTL). We can also use the priority lanes to travel even when there is a traffic jam.

Our transport services satisfy the diverse needs of our clients staying in Verona. In addition to city sections, such as the train station and your hotel, you could visit other touristic areas in Veneto or in the neighboring region of Lombardia. If however you wish to remain nearby there are many interesting places a few kilometers from Verona!

Many of the small towns on the shore of Garda lake are plentiful with pearls of history and art, such as Mantova or mountainous localities as Ortisei and Bolzano.

Another advantage of our driver for hire service is the fact that you will never have to worry about finding parking in an exotic city, especially when you are going to events; the opera, exhibitions, clubs, or even a walk in the city centre.

Another service you could opt for are our tours. With us you can organize some days dedicated to visiting art and cultural institutes. Furthermore the available sections there are those towards airports and train stations of great part of Northen Italy.

Between all the services listed is there at least one you need? So do not lose time and contact us for a personalized quote!


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